Hello, we have a problem with two same DL Gen10 systems. Once ESXi 6. From the boot process of the ESXi 6. One can e. HPE support has been around for a while, but so far there is no progress. Has anyone had such a problem? Various web browsers tried Internet Explorer 11, Firefox Different Java Runtime versions tried 1. NET Framework. The problem occurs with all iLO 5 firmware versions 1. Currently 1. An HPE technician has already replaced the system board.

The "persistent mouse and keyboard" option is enabled and disabled. Does somebody still have an idea? Go to Solution. The iLO Advanced license is installed. I think this is related to the operating system, because the keyboard in the RBSU works properly.

Unfortunately, I have no way to install another operating system, the system is already productive. I am an HPE Employee and got a similar case few weeks ago. As ESXi 6. I dont know, if this will work for you too, but it seems to be the same issue. Thanks for the info, but that does not help me. Currently, ESXi 6.The VM appeared to be healthy and would register keyboard input, but the motion of the mouse cursor was erratic or the cursor would not move at all.

Thinking that I just needed to battle on and get Tools installed, I attempted to use the keyboard for this purpose — what a chore. You think it would have been easy, but the installer kept losing focus and falling behind other open windows. I was happy to see that the usual laggy — but working — mouse functionality had returned. At any rate, this seemed to fix the problem. From here I was able to successfully install VMware Tools and all was well.

I wrote up this short post in the hopes it may help others with this seemingly simple, but frustrating problem. Let me know if you have other tips! Just an FYI. Keyboard was a little weird too. Basically the right mouse click worked, but not the left. There were a few, but mainly a cumulative update for the newly released Server After restart, mouse was working properly again.

Same issues: wonky mouse and keyboard that simply stopped responding.

esxi console keyboard not working

Installed USB 2. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. VMWare 6. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel.I have restarted my ESXi server several times, the kb is connected and working.

However, once ESXi launches, the lights on the keyboard go out and the keyboard is unresponsive at that point. Does anyone have any idea why this happens, and how I can fix it? PS -- just to avoid confusion let me make this clear that I am talking about the actual server's console, NOT a console running on a virtual machine.

Have you tried a different keyboard? Curtis, no I am standing in front of the ESXi server with the kb and monitor connected directly to it.

I can tell you this -- the kb works upon turning the system on. I can access the BIOS settings, etc. It's once the ESX screen comes up that the lights on the kb go out and I am dead in the water. Worst case if you need to do work and can't take it down because users are on it use the VMWare Infrastructure Client from another station. Yeah I've tried those two key combinations and get nothing, like I said when the ESXi screen comes up the kb lights go black and there is no longer any input via the kb.

Wish I had the money to configure mine that way. I work for a small town and have a tiny budget, but I need to add storage and memory. Evidentally the keyboard issue you have is a fairly common issue If you don't get any response, try changing to another type of keyboard.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Thanks PS -- just to avoid confusion let me make this clear that I am talking about the actual server's console, NOT a console running on a virtual machine. Popular Topics in Virtualization. Spiceworks Help Desk. The help desk software for IT.

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iDRAC – Remote keyboard not working

Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Sounds like you may have a bad driver loading no idea how!

Joe Jun 7, at UTC. I'd give a PS2 keyboard a shot Thai Pepper. Stephen Jun 7, at UTC. Curtis This person is a verified professional. So are you rdp'ing into the server that ESX is running on then? Bermanistan Jun 7, at UTC. Curtis wrote: So are you rdp'ing into the server that ESX is running on then? Joe wrote: Curtis, no I am standing in front of the ESXi server with the kb and monitor connected directly to it.If you go to the Virtual Console widow and in the menu bar you will find Keyboard Passthrough.

Enable that and the command should translate through. If not then you may need to update the Drac. Keyboard Passthrough was enabled. I should have mentioned this. BIOS version 1. Firmware Version 1. Hardware Version 0. It may be worth mentioning that on the Win7 machine I have Symantec antivirus, which I cannot disable.

Can you try it and see whether the issue still exist. Can you remove the vConsole plugin from the browser and try again. Can you also update iDRAC to latest 1. You can download iDRAC 1.

esxi console keyboard not working

Java v 1. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions.

esxi console keyboard not working

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The virtual console correctly shows the ESXi screen, but keyboard input does not work at all. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. ActiveX, version 1. Could you change it to Java? ActiveX can have issues with x64 browsers. Or also try running browser in 32 bit mode as well. Thank you, Chris.Ok, no flames please as this question has been asked a million times. I have googled till I am blue in the face and tried it all.

The console opens just fine, but the keyboard simply does not work. No joy on any of them. I have even tried using a 32 bit browser on XP, still no joy. I have also tried both Windows and Linux browsers, and nothing works. I cant help but feel it is something real stupid on my part as there is no reason I can think of why this should not work.

I even tried disconnecting the physical keyboard as a list ditch effort, still no joy. So, I then tried my MacBook, and finally got something I can use as an error.

This error appears to be coming from Java : "The native library for keyboard and mouse support failed to load. To pass all keystrokes to the managed system, the virtual console application requires direct access to your keyboard. The only problem here is that the location this error mentions does not exist on my system.

Even if I bring up the on screen keyboard, it also does not work. It need to be in "Auto-attach" or "Attached" state. Is your mouse movements and clicks is working through virtual console? You can also trying resetting iDRAC and try the same. There is not an option for "Auto Attach", only attached. I have some additional info that may help.

It is only when ESXi loads that the keyboard is not working. I am stumped to say the least. The only think I have not tried is to attach a PS2 keyboard to the server as a fishing expedition.

Update: I tried upgrading to ESXi 7. Although the keyboard was active in the remote console through the entire upgrade, after the reboot, I still have no keyboard with ESXi loads. The iDRAC version is 2. The BIOS version is 2. Both are the latest I could find on Dell's web site.

Not sure what that is. The ESXi version is 7. I updated to 7. This did not resolve the problem. The remote console keyboard works just fine up until ESXi loads. I have no idea why the OS load would trigger the keyboard to fail. That is the closest thing I can find to this issue. Yes sir, the local keyboard works just fine. I have tried 3 different keyboards just in case that made a difference.

I have not tried a PS2 keyboard as I dont have one. All local keyboards that I have tried work just fine using either the front or rear USB ports. I even tried disconnecting both the local keyboard and monitor in case that made a difference in some way that would trigger the remote keyboard working. Sadly, no joy there either.I wish there were an 11 on the scale. Kristin was amazing from the very start. I had a very positive experience with your company.

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esxi console keyboard not working

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How to Use Special Characters on a Virtual Machine Console

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