When organizing a fundraising event, ticket sales can make or break your fundraiser. Here are 10 ways to sell more event tickets so you can raise more funds. Sell Tickets Online — Obviously you can always sell tickets in a traditional manner, but selling tickets online makes it so much easier to reach more people.

Plus, its a whole lot more convenient for your supporters to order their event tickets online than it is to order by phone, by mail or go in person to buy tickets. And, you avoid a a lot of expense and innumerable volunteer hours by shifting to selling tickets online. Companies like EventBrite provide everything you need, including custom fundraising event pages and credit card processing.

online ticket sales for charity events

Early Bird Discount — Offering a substantial discount for early ticket purchases is a good way to boost event attendance. Group Discounts — Whether its a special deal for a premium table at a sit-down charity gala or a sweet deal for members of a prominent group, providing group discounts can really move a lot of tickets.

Ticket revenue is all about covering event overhead and generating advance funds to cover upfront event expenses. But ultimately, the real fundraising activities at your event are where you are raising the big bucks. VIP Early Access — Holding an exclusive pre-event VIP gathering is another great way to boost attendance and create additional fundraising opportunities. Members Only Pre-sale — Offering tickets to your members on a pre-sale basis helps get the event revenue kick-started.

You can offer your members a special discount off the regular price for a limited time before tickets go on sale to the general public. Or, you can sell those members only tickets at the regular price, but include some special event perks in the deal like preferential seating, free cocktails, early admission. Social Media Promotions — Broaden your reach by promoting your event on Twitter and Facebook to get the word out and create some advance buzz about your event.

Make sure you provide ticket sales links in all your online communications!

How to Choose the Best Online Ticket Sales Service

Social media is all about expanding your reach beyond your initial fan base, so get your members retweeting your tweets and liking your posts. And with Twitter, not everyone is checking in regularly so send new messages out at different times of the day tweet 4 times a day.

Create an event poster for sharing online and post fun photos from previous events. You can also do ticket contests and fun promotions through social media that will help drive ticket sales.We take an industry-leading low per-ticket fee. Create My Fundraiser Free. Fundraisers are the bread and butter of any nonprofit or charity organization — and without a powerful online fundraising tool, maximizing the reach and success of your next fundraiser can be a major task.

Whether your organization plans to throw a benefit concert or gala, host a simple fundraising dinner, plan a silent auction, or anything in between, RSVPify is here to help. With our online ticketing, donations, RSVP, and event check-in system, planning your next fundraiser or donation event has never been easier.

Our online ticketing and event check in app is perfect if you:. Charity Event Demos Fundraiser Gala. Easy At Event Guest Check-in. No need for fancy equipment or dedicated ticket scanners. You can check fundraiser event guests in and out! Or check-in by guest name or confirmation code. Hosting a multi-part event? No problem! Check-in works for sub-events like mixers and golf outings, too. Powerfully simple multi-event ticketing and check-in included.

No hidden costs. We charge a small service fee of 1. For ticketed events, no upgrade is needed. We give you our Platinum plan for your ticketed event s completely free, with an unlimited guest list size.

Learn More. Do I get a free upgrade to Platinum when I collect fundraiser payments online? RSVPify Platinum is our highest-tier plan made for enterprise. It includes all of our premium features to help make event planning easy. Can I set ticket tiers with limited availability for select options? Yes, absolutely.

You can create an unlimited number of available ticket tiers. Can I allow guests to purchase event add-ons like t-shirts, raffle tickets, etc.? No problem. Does RSVPify offer non-profit event or high-volume ticketing system discounts? RSVPify considers fee discounts on a case-by-case basis. Stripe is a powerful, international online payment processing platform that processes credit card charges on your behalf.

RSVPify is integrated with Stripe to allow your guests to quickly and seamlessly pay for reunion tickets and donations with any major credit card. What countries is RSVPify's ticketing system available in? With Stripe, RSVPify can process payments for your reunion with nearly any major credit or debit card around the world. To setup a paid ticketed event with RSVPify, you must have a bank account in one of these countries:. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.When you run a charity or nonprofit organization a significant portion of your annual income likely comes from events you schedule and promote throughout the year.

The easiest way to make these fundraisers more profitable is to simply get more people through the door. Making the ticket purchasing process easier is a great way to do that.

Ticketstripe is an online ticket sales and promotion platform that event organizers worldwide have trusted for over 15 years to streamline the process of selling, tracking, and delivering tickets for all sorts of events, from rock concerts to gala fundraisers and more. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Ticketstripe was built to make the process easier for people purchasing tickets and event organizers. To help you do that Ticketstripe offers discounted pricing for charities and nonprofits.

online ticket sales for charity events

Lower fees, free promotional tools and an optimized ticketing system make Ticketstripe the perfect platform to sell tickets online. Ticketstripe is proud to offer special pricing for charitable organizations and nonprofits. Both c 3 and c 3 nonprofit organizations qualify for a substantial discount off the top of our already low ticket fees. We normally charge event promoters a cent per ticket base rate plus 2. For nonprofit event organizers we cut those rates significantly.

This could cut the cost of online ticket sales for your nonprofit by half compared to some of the other services available to you. Learn more about how Ticketstripe works or jump right in and create an Event today. And getting these high-powered tools is easier and more affordable than you think. Ticketstripe offers special discounted pricing for charities and nonprofit organizations so you can decrease your costs and make every fundraiser a success.

There are no setup or monthly fees 2.

Setup an event website and start selling tickets in only 6 minutes

A small service fee is assessed per ticket sold 3. All fees can be passed on to the ticket buyer most common. In addition to reduced pricing for charities and nonprofit organizationsTicketstripe can help you dramatically decrease your overhead in order to make every event more profitable. Our online ticketing system allows you to minimize or even eliminate any in-house ticket sales team you may have used in the past.

This cuts payroll and frees these people up to assist within other areas of your organization, such as event planning and set-up.

How to Sell Tickets for a Charity Event

Our sales tracking tools streamline the process so your bookkeepers and volunteers spend less time counting receipts and creating confirmed guest lists. This also eliminates overselling and helps keep attendance manageable.

Payment processing is fast and money is in your bank account within days, not weeks. Not only does this save a member of your organization the trouble of dealing with cash and check payments, this influx of cash flow can be reinvested into the event. Ticketstripe even makes promoting your event easier with socially shareable branded event pages your organization and its Facebook fans and Twitter followers can share at the click of a button.

When you save time, you save money. Do both by using Ticketstripe to sell tickets to your next charity event or fundraiser. Ticketstripe is an easy to use ticketing platform that allows event organizers worldwide to sell tickets online in multiple currencies with low service fees.Once your nonprofit status has been approved the discounted service fees will automatically be applied to your events. Built in social sharing tools make it easy for your to share your event online.

Facebook pixel tracking can help you optimize social marketing campaigns. Unlimited ticket types and affiliate accounts multiply your reach and donation opportunities.

Easy Online Ticket Sales for Charity and Nonprofit Events

The success of any charity event hinges on aggressive promotion. PayPal offers immediate funding after a ticket sale while Stripe deposits funds within two days of each ticket sale or donation. Quick and painless setup Start fundraising within minutes of signing up using a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Charm your donors with private-branded event pages that look great on any device. Relax knowing that funds are deposited into your bank account within two days of each ticket purchase. Track donations in real time and quickly identify which channels or affiliate accounts are bringing results so you can make informed marketing and event decisions.

Unlimited ticket types allow nonprofits to solicit segments of their potential donors in any denomination and multiple currencies.

Entice sponsors to support your charity event or fundraiser in exchange for prominent branding on every digital ticket. Leverage this powerful method to increase customer retention without increasing your marketing budget. Easily launch, brand and manage events yourself in minutes or get assistance from our free concierge service. From your event page to your digital ticket s you set the brand experience and messaging for your visitors, fundraisers and donors. An intuitive dashboard designed for users means you can quickly list your event, easily make any changes throughout the campaign and enjoy access to real-time sales data.

A fast and easy, mobile-optimized checkout process means more ticket purchases, donations and event registrations. Security is of utmost importance to Ticketstripe. We invest heavily in securing our infrastructure and merchant integrations. We take privacy seriously and so should you.You will not be charged any ticketing fee for this event. Yapsody is free for free events.

Know More. Create a custom subdomain for your online ticket store to showcase your events Customize your store with your brand colors and images and preview changes instantaneously Sell non-profit event tickets online using any device i. Pass on your ticketing fees to your attendees.

online ticket sales for charity events

That way, the ticketing cost you are charged is borne by your attendees along with the cost of the tickets. When the invoice is generated, you pay Yapsody the ticketing fee that is already collected from your customers. The application process is very simple and efficient.

Please include your telephone number in case we need to follow-up with you. Read More. Rebates are different than discounts. Discounts are applied on a per-ticket basis, whereas rebates are applied to a final monthly invoice once it is generated. As a result, rebates are never reflected in the Yapsody fee applied to a ticket. It is applicable for event presenters on every Yapsody pricing tier — Gold, Platinum, and Elite. Yes, you will still receive an Invoice even if you pass on the fees to your ticket buyers.

We allow presenters to collect the Yapsody fee from the customer. If you happen to pass on the fees to your ticket buyer, they will pay the Yapsody fee along with the Ticket price. We do not hold funds, so the ticket amount along with the Yapsody Fees will be deposited to your payment gateway account which is linked to your Yapsody account. Learn more about Yapsody Fee Invoices.

We also offer 3 discounted pricing tiers as part of our Loyalty Program:. To learn more about our regular pricing and pricing tiers, go to Click Here. Yapsody recognizes that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities. Learn more. John R. All Rights Reserved. Press enter to begin your search. General Admission. Reserved Seating. Sign up now for FREE. Please enter first name Please enter last name Please enter your email address.

Calculate Earnings. Select any one. What is your event capacity and price per ticket for the event? Event Capacity. Per Ticket Price. Here are your results as per your answers. Select your fees type Pass On Fees. Absorb Fees.Welcome to Eventbrite. Set up beautiful landing pages with customized ticketing options for your events. Control exactly when your events go live with Schedule Publish, and sell extras like merch, drink tickets, and parking with Add Ons.

Enter your event details. Create your tickets. Publish and share. Once your event is live, easily share to sites like Facebook and Instagram to reach more ticket buyers in more places. Sell more tickets to more people directly on Facebook by allowing attendees to discover, purchase, and access their tickets to your events all in one place. Make it easy for ticket-buyers to purchase with our two-click, secure checkout on any device.

Find out which marketing efforts are helping ticket sales with real-time reports. None of this would be possible without a good ticketing platform like Eventbrite. Jodi Polasky, owner and founder of Pretty Princess Parties. Learn more about your pricing options and pick the package that's right for you.

Easy-to-use event technology for any budget. Customer support: Online help center. A powerful solution to boost sales and grow your business. Tailored partnerships for large and complex events. Customer support: Phone support M-F business hours.

Need marketing tips? Help with a sponsorship proposal? Check out the destination for experience makers.With so many options available for online ticket sales, it can be stressful for event organizers to cut through the clutter and find the best option. Many online ticket sales providers offer a broad range of similar functions, but there are a few features in particular that can make your ticket sales, event planning and execution more streamlined and less stressful.

Feel free to mention any additional features that you look for in the comments section at the end of this post. Of course, one of the first things you will be looking at when searching for the best online ticket sales service will be the costs associated with the provider. Typically, costs include the following structure of fees:. Your goal will be to find the lowest combination of flat fees and percentage costs. One topic that is related to the pricing of an online ticket sales service is knowing who will be responsible for the costs and fees of using the product.

For example, will the event organizer be charged for the costs of using the ticketing service, or can all fees be paid for by your ticket buyers? Having the flexibility to cover the cost of ticket fees or having your buyers pay these costs is a huge benefit, as having your buyers pay these fees means that the ticketing service is essentially free for your organization!

This can be especially helpful for nonprofit fundraising events. As you probably know from experience, having the ability to customize when setting up your online ticket sales is crucial. We agree here, and think that having customization options in the following areas is vital for a successful event! Some things to think about when looking for customization options include:.

Each of the above customizations will allow you to better set up your online ticket sales in order to track your success and sell out your event! In general, our recommendation is to spend a lot of time crafting the story around your event and why you connect with your event personally. Some features to consider when shopping around for ticketing providers include:. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you may also want to have the option to ask for custom information from your ticket buyers.

Standard information asked includes name, phone number, and email, but you may want to know more information as well. Additional information you may need includes:. The ability to ask for your own custom set of information from your buyers can be a huge benefit, so definitely be on the lookout for this feature when researching options for online ticket sales. Over and over, we hear that check-in is a pain point for event hosts.

However, when done well, event check-in can be quick and easy. Do tickets need to be printed, or can a digital version be used? Can your volunteers check your guests in? And if so, how do they do this? Will they be able to download an app that allows for each guest check-in? Finally, what are the actually mechanics of check-in?

Can your volunteers search by name to check users in? Is there a functionality to scan a QR code on their printed or digital ticket? These are all questions that you will want to ask when researching the check-in capabilities of on online ticket sales provider.

The ability to integrate with another service or website may be something that will set certain providers apart from the rest for you. Are you running a fundraising event? If so, the ability to integrate with a mobile bidding or donation platform will be a massive benefit for your team. Integrating with a mobile fundraising platform means that your guests will have a seamless end-to-end process from ticket purchase to check-in and ability to donate.

They will not need to enter their payment or user information more than once, making the entire process easier and more pleasurable for your guests. At Accelevents, our event ticketing service connects directly to our mobile fundraising platform, meaning you can address your ticketing fundraising needs all in the same place. Furthermore, your event page can include both your ticket sales page and your donation, silent auction, or raffle page — making ticket purchase and donations quick and easy!

Additionally, you may already have a robust nonprofit or event page set up.

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