The sounds in Microsoft Windows and many of its programs, such as Internet Explorer and Windows Instant Messenger, are controlled through the sound properties section of the Control Panel. To adjust the sound settings for these programs, follow the steps below. Changing or disabling sounds using the instructions below only affects sounds relating to Windows functionality. Software and game sounds are controlled through the software or game itself and not affected by changing or disabling Windows sounds.

If a sound is still heard after changing or disabling a Windows sound, you need to check sound settings for the software or game you are running. Some sounds are generated by the computer BIOS or other hardware.

You will need to access the computer BIOS or hardware settings to change or disable those sounds. Note Changing or disabling sounds using the instructions below only affects sounds relating to Windows functionality. Additional information See our sound definition for further information and related links. How to fix missing or lost sound in Windows. Computer sound card help and support. Was this page useful?Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site.

I am looking at a Win98 machine for a friend who says that no sounds are playing - but am having a little trouble finding the cause of the problem Here are my steps so far:. There is an onboard sound card and Windows reports that it is installed and that the driver is OK, however I cannot get anything to come out of it yes, I have plugged speakers in!

When trying to find the reason why I noticed that the volume control wasn't showing in the tray so I tried to run sndvol My next thoughts are that the device may be disabled in the BIOS, but wouldn't this mean that Windows doesn't detect the device? The BIOS is locked with a password and the owner does not know what it is. Any ideas on what to do next? If you look in the Multimedia section in the Control Panel, does it show you have a Preferred Device listed in the Audio tab?

Have not used 98 in like 5 years but is there an option for digital speakers? If so uncheck that. I will give this a go! Onboard sound was not disabled - it has 2 settings "Auto" or "Off", it was set to "Auto".

The help text for this says that it will be disabled if a PCI soundcard is installed. There is not a PCI card I know you said the driver was installed and ok, but if it was, your preferred devices should not be greyed out.

Not in all the machines I've looked at, but hey, that's me. Honestly when I run into this problem it's always been because of a driver issue. I've loaded AC97 drivers on machines with Windows 98 in the past as an example and have found them to "find" the hardware and install the support, only to run into the exact same issue as you. When I get a driver that's slightly different and made especially for the hardware present on the board, it works and the preferred devices are no longer greyed out and the sound works immediately afterwards.

That's all I'll offer, because being in that situation numerous time, the solution has always been the same. Hopefully it's the same for you too, and a different driver does the trick. I have this machine set up in my garage at the moment so there is no network or internet connection there yet! Actually, it's a P4 and would have no problems running WinXP, but as I said in my first post it's not mine to upgrade - I'm just trying to resolve an issue for a friend.Just managed to get this OS installed and whilst I've managed to update the display drivers courtesy of VMWare Tools I have been having persistent troubles with the sound - I've googled the problem and downloaded creative drivers that some suggested, but nothing has worked.

Sound is playing on the native OS X The only other problem I am having is trying to get Win 98 to recognise my external disc drive I am running this on a rMBP - this is the drive in question amazon. Drivers for USB powered devices? Actually, I've just been trying to run the CDs off ripped.

How to change, disable, or enable Windows sounds

Without this driver disc, the device might not work properly or it might cause the guest operating system to fail. Do you wish to continue? An attempt will be made to connect this device to the best available host controller. This might result in undefined behavior for this device. Also the Boot Camp Drivers requires a newer version of Windows Installer then what Windows 98 has and I have not bothered to check to see if it can be updated as I really have no need to use Windows Note that my other reply was written before you edited your last post which only said " The only other problem I am having is trying to get Win 98 to recognise my external disc drive I am running this on a rMBP - in order to play my old games which is the reason for my installing Win 98 I'll either need to use this drive directly or rip the discs to.

As to the actual external drive you have, I doubt you'll be able to get it running properly, meaning as a Blu-Ray USB 3. Thank you! You saved my day! Trying to make some fun with StarCraft. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

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Show 6 replies.Interestingly, the other way around WfW uses the sounds for starting and ending as the normal 3. It is the shortest sound with less than a second. Original name Xylophon. The Windows 95 startup sound is something special. The first time it was not just a simple signal, but a jingle. The story behind it is something with Brian Eno, on a separate page. Duration: about 6 seconds.

Nothing per default, but when installing all audio files in setup and load the default sound scheme you hear the shutdown sound tada. Nothing per default, but when installing all audio files in setup and load the default sound scheme you hear the logoff sound. Probably the strangest sound.

Created for a beta version, not used in the final product.

windows 98 sounds

Matthew A Felton was an composer. Duration 13 seconds. No sound per default. In Win the file is present, but not used in the default scheme. Length: 4 second. Watch a Making of Video on Channel 9. Virtueller PC. MS-DOS 1. MS-DOS 2. MS-DOS 3. Win 1. Win 2. MS-DOS 4.

Win 3. MS-DOS 5. WfW 3. MS-DOS 6. Win NT 3. Win Win 95 A. Win NT 4. Win 95 B. Win 95 C. Win 98 SE. Win Server.

windows 98 sounds

Win ME.Description: Windows 98 startup sound. Compute sounds.

windows 98 sounds

Tags: 98 computer sound computer sound effect computer sounds sfx wav windows windows 98 startup sound windows sound effects windows startup sound windows startup sounds.

Thank you for free upload to for our people. Your email address will not be published. Epic Battle Music. Dog Whistle Sound. Ta Da Orchestra Fanfare. Roland TR Beat bpm Nutcracker March.

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These cookies do not store any personal information. Radio Sound Effects 18 May, Inside A Metro Train 24 Jun, Jiwon Park says:. March 18, at pm. Vicky says:. March 26, at am. Pinsota says:. April 21, at pm.Explore the collection of startup and shutdown sounds used in various versions of Windows operating systems.

This application also has startup and shutdown sounds from unreleased versions of Windows, including Windows NT 5. Get great insight and fun facts on various sounds from the "Did you Know" boxes. Enjoy beautiful pictures, many of which show the packaging of the retail release of a particular Windows version.

Note: Windows is a Trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The logos and sounds used in this application are own by Microsoft Corporation and are used for educational purposes only. Version 1. UI enhancements: menu item that is selected is grayed out. Media controls on audio player now always visible instead of requiring a mouse hover or tap. Improved animations: faster animation and more consistent style.

I just updated from windows 8.

Its amazing and because it gives you some info about that sound, accept where is windows server because I like that startup sound and where is windows 10, I'm not saying this is a bad app its AMAZING but just add some more window versions. Do you like Windows startup and shutdown sounds with some trivia?

windows 98 sounds

Then this is app you're looking for! I Love it it reminds me every version of windows I gave it a 5. I've finally looked for this app and now it's here all along here in the downloads section. I love it. Just gives you the chance to hear startup sounds of old windows version. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents.Jump to content.

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your time. I recently came into possession of a Windows 98 desktop computer and had been using it to play some old games. Everything was working great until a few days ago when I turned on the PC and received an error saying that a sector of the hard drive had gone bad. The computer ran a surface scan of the drive and discovered that there was one block of bad clusters. Afterwards I was able to boot into Windows as I normally would. While the computer itself is still working great and there didn't appear to be any loss of data, what I have noticed since this occurance is that now no Windows systems sounds the startup sound, general alert sounds, etc play.

Collection of Windows Startup Sounds

Even going into the sound settings and attempting to sample the various sounds available produces nothing from the speakers. When playing games that had worked perfectly before the hard drive error, I am now noticing that while the BGM of the games play, there are no sound effects played when they should be. Even when using the soundtest modes within games I am only able to listen to the background music, while trying to sample the sound effects produces nothing.

I haven't owned the computer for too long so I'm still not entirely used to all of the ins and outs of Windows 98, and had a difficult time finding too much information about the system that I thought might be helpful.

I'm also not sure if this problem has anything to do with the soundcard, or if it's a Windows problem caused by the hard drive error.

Any help towards fixing the problem or guidance towards informaiton which may help lead to a soultion would be greatly appreciated! I'm sorry that I'm a total noob at this, thank you so much for your understanding! Posted 17 December - PM. In Windows 98 there is a program called dxdiag. Running that may give a clue as to the sound problem. If that doesn't help you can reinstall Windows 98SE.

All Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds

I ran dxdiag and found a few things of interest. In the "Sound" tab there is a button called "Test DirectSound" that when pushed is supposed to produce a sound effect. However, I did not hear anything.

Otherwise there was also no indication that anything was operating abnormally.

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